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Vertical linear seal pump "SLURRY PUMP"


LR Linear seal pump


It is resisted to abrasion by slurry, deadhead operation and dry running, because of no sliding parts during operation.
External cooling water is not required for no shaft seal.
There is no consumable parts such as Mechanical seal or Grand packing.

Linear seal is protected by Proximity sensor and PLC as standard.

Solenoid valve is also available as an option.

Examples of Use
For transferring easy crystallized liquid (acid, alkaline, solvent, etc.)
For replace magnet pumps damaged by transferring liquid with slurry
For replace pumps easy damaged by deadhead operation 

For replace pumps which is necessary to exterior cooling water for seal parts such as mechanical seal

(Injection or piping for water is not required.) 

For circulation transferring CMP slurry liquid and Cerium oxide
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