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Our technical strength

World Chemical Co., Ltd. continues to challenge the fluid transfer technology.
We, World Chemical Co., Ltd., are intent to go forward in a posture of keeping chanllenge for our customers under our slogan "Senshin (Advance)".

Double Float

The unrivaled water-following structure -


In order to securely absorb surficailly floating oil by a skimmer, it is necessary to vacuum oil and surficial air together. Usually, the suction air generates an excessive buoyancy force① which brings the hose, floats and collection opening up and disturbs the stable collection.
However, Our flaot is Double Float Structure and not affected by the buoyancy fluctuation caused by entering air.
When the main floats② moves, the collectin opening of the gate float③ stays in a steady balance on the surface and can collect oil with stability, because the the main float② and the gate float③ are separated.


The Double Float Structure is not affected by buoyancy fluctuation for suction air and the hopper does not mount. Therefore, it is possible to collect floating oil efficiently.  

Self-priming pump

Horizontal pump: Self-priming basis

Three major measures of dry running -
青矢印:液体 黄矢印:エアー
Rest state before starting

Resting state before starting

  During self-priming

During self-priming

During operation

During operation

  Under suspension1  (Back-flow)

Stoppage 1


 The Under suspension2  (Siphon cut)

Stoppage 2

(Siphon cut)

The liquid flows back when stopping the operation, but it is quickly blocked off by our original siphon cut structure which makes air go as quick as possible and remains enough self-priming water in the casing.


Vertical pump: The principle of Self-priming

Under a stop   During pump priming   In operation   Shutdown
Under s atop   During pump priming   In operation   Shut down
After stopping the operation, enough self-priming liquid for next operation remains in the suction room which is siphon cut.   The liquid in the suction room moves to the self-priming room at the same time as the operation start.The activity of the circulation vacuums and pumps up liquid.   It keeps the normal operation to exhaust all air in the pump. Even if a little air goes into the pump, it is exhaled without interference with the operation.  

The liquid flows back when stopping the operation, but liquid surely remain in the suction room due to the action of siphon cut.

The principle of sealless structure

Work of a liquid balance seal
Empty operation   Normal operation   At the time of a stop
Empty operation   Normal operation   At the  time of a stop
When no liquid is inside, there are any damaged parts for no sliding parts.   During operation, liquid goes to the connecting pipe by the pressure generated from the front blade, but the stronger pressure of the back blade pushes back and makes balanced liquid seal. It prevents liquid go into the connecting pipe.   When stopping the operaiton, the effect of the back blade disappears, the liquid goes the connecting pipe until the same level as the liquid level in a tank.
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