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Floating oil collecting system "GYRO SYSTEM"


GYP+FO Floating oil collecting system


For approx. 3m x 3m (medium) to 5m x 5m (large) square size pits
Usage of specially molded float for GYROSKIMMER
By designing larger submersed section below the drafting section of the float, the skimmer can retain sufficient space between floats on water surface to obtain higher floating/penetrating capabilities. It also allows the skimmer to collect wide-spread high viscosity oil more efficiently.
Like other models, the skimmer adopts the double float mechanism with remarkable liquid level following and collecting performances.
Heavy duty type GYROSKIMMER adopts the FC-made submersible pump with SIC double mechanical seal. The skimmer performs efficiently in situations, for instance, where grinding or cutting powder and oil are floating (central coolant tanks for machine tools, etc.) or where sand and oil are floating (improvement works of oil-contaminated soil, etc.) by utilizing its superior penetrating capability of foreign substances and durability that cannot be achieved by positive-displacement pumps.
Nonstep, controllable pump rotation speed by adopting an inverter as standard equipment.
Also, balancing float inflow rate and pump collection rate improves separation efficiency by controlling unnecessary oil-water stirrings.
The system is installed the patented mechanism of forced oil drainage (large-size scraper) on oil separator as standard equipment. It also ensures to drain swarf or grinding stone mixed oil, sand mixed oil or high viscosity oil.
Examples of Use
For collecting floating oil in central coolant tanks in automobile parts factories
For collecting floating oil in drainage water from casting of aluminum, etc.
For collecting floating oil by well or sand cleaning for improvement works of oil-contaminated soil
For collecting floating oil in drainage water from large-sized kitchens (company cafeteria, etc.)
For collecting floating oil in drainage water from food factories, which may contain foreign substances
For other large-scale oil collections, which may contain foreign substances, sludge, etc., under severe conditions
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