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Spillage oil collecting system "SKIMBOY"


GY+EM Spilled oil collecting system


Adoption of a engine pump for more flexible location selection
Dramatic improvement of oil collecting efficiency to ensure to collect surface oil and water using the internationally patented double float structure (a structure constantly and properly collecting surface layer even in wavy or tilted conditions)
GYRO FLOAT, a oil collecting skimmer, weighs 24kg. Easy to be carried by 2 adults.
Compact and high performance pump as well as easy maintenance with maintenance-free structure
Easy storage and carriage by the exclusive container (with forklift inserts on 2 sides)
Optional: Foldable collecting oil tank (1000L, attachable to the container)
Optional: HANDSKIMMER (a substitute for a scoop, non-attachable to the container)
Oil separator available upon request
Examples of Use
Emergency spilled/floating oil collecting system in fuel storage facilities
Emergency spilled oil collecting system in small and medium sized rivers and harbors
Emergency spilled oil collecting system in farm ponds, lakes, dams, etc.
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