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Floating oil collecting system "GREASECOMING"


Floating oil collecting system "GREASECOMING"


Perfect for collection sites of relatively high viscosity floating oil with approx. 2m x 2m square size pits.
Inimitable, unique liquid level following and collecting performances of the floating oil collecting section by the patented double float mechanism.
Nonstep, controllable pump rotation speed by adopting an inverter as standard equipment. Also, balancing float inflow flow rate and pump collection flow rate improves separation efficiency and reduces pump consumption by controlling unnecessary oil-water stirrings.
Installed the patented mechanism of forced oil drainage (large-size scraper for high viscosity oil) on oil separator as standard equipment.
This system powerfully scraps out undrainable food oil (such as animal or vegetable oil) and low fluidity collected substances (such as residue of bonderized products or paint residue) from oil separator. It is the floating oil collecting system with well-developed details, including the shape of the oil separator, to reduce the dead space of the scraper.
Easy maintenance SUS304 oil separator being resistant to the high temperature liquid collection.
Examples of Use
For collecting non-coagulate, floating animal/vegetable oil in drainage water from food manufacturing facilities
For collecting relatively high viscosity, floating mineral oil in drainage water after car wash, etc.
For collecting floating oil in drainage water that contains large amount of powder, such as ink or pigment of pigment manufacturers
For collecting floating paint residue in drainage water from paint booths
For other relatively high viscosity, non-coagulate floating oil (or particles) collections

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